Drug and Drug (interaction)

by Vonnie
(Kissimmee, FL)

I am taking the exam in 2 weeks. I ran into some questions about Drug and Drug Interactions such as Warfarin-Aspirin. Is there a list to study on that? If so, it would be a great deal of help. Thank you

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Drug and Drug (interaction)

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Apr 19, 2010
Are you taking the PTCB or ExCPT ?
by: Anonymous

I'm wondering if you are studying for the PTCB or ExCPT exam? I have heard that there are interaction questions on the ExCPT, but haven't heard of drug interaction questions being on the PTCB.

Apr 19, 2010
Top drug interactions LIST
by: Anonymous

As far as drug interactions, I found 2 lists

One is of the top 10 - (copy and paste)


And a FULL list here - (copy and paste)


Warfarin / Aspirin is a biggie !
Warfarin / NSAID's is a biggie !

Apr 19, 2010
by: Vonnie

Well, I started studying for the PTCB and just heard about the ExCpT. I am kinda confused right now and will discuss this with my trainer. I want to pass this exam but hate the math part, so whatever one is easier.

Apr 21, 2010
Common elements
by: Adrian

For anyone getting ready to take the ptcb like me you should also study the common elements. I did see some of that on the test the last time I took it. What I mean by common elements is Na=Sodium and K=Potassium also their might might be combinations like example(Na CL= Sodium Chloride I would suggest to do a google search on the common elements and for everyone getting ready to take the test GOOD LUCK!!

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