Dilution problem

by Noor

Hello,I'm having such a hard time setting up proportion math,
i just can't figure it out which number suppose to go on top and bottom,so please help me my friend?
Here is my question:

Rx cephazolin 2% ophthalmic drops 10 ml.

To make this order,use cephazolin injection 500 mg/10 ml vial.

How many milliliters from the vial of cephazolin will be in the final preparation?

thank you!

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Dilution problem

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Jul 15, 2011
the answer
by: Anonymous

2%(2g/100ml)ophthalmic drops has total volume of 10 ml which contains 0.2g of the drug. 0.2g/x ml=500mg/10ml, x=4ml

May 28, 2011
P;ease check my work
by: Anonymous

I got 25 ml.

2%=2gm over 100ml

500 multiply by 100 and divide by 2000

Is this right?

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