dilution problem I think

Rx. Ceftriaxone 500mg IVPB in D5W 50mL, infuse over 30 min q12h.

The 2g ceftriaxone vial states that if you reconstitute with 8.6mL, the resulting final volume of the vial is 10mL.

a) how much diluent would be added to obtain a vial concentration of 1g/10mL?

b) if the vial is diluted to 1g/10mL, how much drug would be drawn up for one dose?

c) how many doses are available in one 2g vial?

d) how many vials would be needed to prepare a 7- day supply?

e) if you were preparing a 7-day supply, how many 20mL vials of sterile water would you need to reconstitute the ceftriaxone vials?

F) if the 500-mg dose is added to D5W 50 mL, what is the total volume of one IVPG?

this is a practice question and I am lost if you could help I would appreciate it thanks

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