DEA Controlled Substances Questions

by AF
(San Diego)

I want to start with thanking you for this wonderful site. It's just great and has so much useful information!

I think I have a simple question, but I tend to over think everything! My question is: are ALL prescription drugs listed under schedules (1-5) or just controlled substances? I think just controlled substances and all drugs are included under legend drugs, right?

Also, I believe Ambien (zolpidem) is a Schedule IV CS and in your quiz 1, you mention that it can be filled wihtin 6 months and has 5 refills. I thought that controlled substances didn't have any refills? or is that schedule II drugs only?

Lastly, I was taking a practice exam from a book and one of the answers said that Valacyclovir has a maximum refill of 11 "if the doctor requests this". Is this correct or a typo? I thought that all drugs have a maximum refill of 5...?

Please help, I'm so confused.

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