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Occasionally visitors take a moment to write a quick note giving feedback about the site. It's always a pleasure to hear the site is helping people reach their goals. Thanks to everyone who uses the site and spreads the word to other pharmacy technician students.

I just want to say thank you for all the incredible information you have collected and share. I'm a study at home (Penn Foster) student and visit your site regularly for math and top 200 drugs help. Your's is the only site I can find to help supplement the materials I am studying. Again, thank you very much for your time and dedication you have put forth for others. Your site has really helped me, and made a difference in my education.

- LeAnn

I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome free practice tests. I'd been working in the pharmacy field for almost 4 years, but been out of it a year now. Well, I studied your site for about 2 days and today I took the test and guess what...I passed. This site is amazing! Thank you all for putting this together and helping someone like me out. I have never gone through a pharmacy program or school, this works!

- Jonathan

Hi Keith! I’ve certainly been utilizing ALL of the information and quizzes on the pharmacy-tech-study.com Website. Thanks! It's great! Could you please give me any advice on how best to study for the PTCB exam? I’m about driving myself crazy with studying everything and anything! Thanks!

- Carol

Thanks so much for your site and all your videos. I just took the PTCB and passed today!!!

- Lea

I just wanted to thank the staff of pharmacy-tech-study.com and let you guys know if it weren't for you, I WOULD NEVER HAVE PASSED MY PTCE, BUT I DID!! :D THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

- Ronald

I went through each of the practice exams twice, in preparation for taking the pharmacy tech certification exam in January, which I passed. I found your site very informative and helpful. Thank you.

- Renee

I have already passed the CPhT Exam but its always nice to refresh your memory and skills. This site is wonderful and very helpful. THANK YOU. :)

- Jo

Thank you so much for your website and all your efforts to help others who are interested in pharmaceuticals. This website has helped me out tremendously. I purchased the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination book that also came with a tutorial CD Rom. Unfortunately, I had a house fire over the summer. Therefore, I lost everything including the book andCD. I was so bummed out about having to purchase another book until I stumbled upon this website. I'm very thankful that I did. Thanks again!

- Nena

Hi Keith, It's is a great site to study for the PTCB EXAM. Thank you so much from bottom of my heart.

- Sultana

To the creator of this site: you're awesome!

- Daniel

I just want to send a message that this site is very helpful & I would encourge anyone who is need of help, this is the site. I found it to be better than the reference books I was given. Thank you.

- Lisa

Thanks for making this site! I can't imagine the time and effort it takes to build a site of this magnitude. Without this site, I would definitely not have passed the ExCPT exam today. The practice exams and Youtube videos made the test a breeze. Thanks again!

- Joe

Dear Keith. I just wanted to thank you for creating this site. It helped create the total experience when I sat for the exam. I passed!

- Joann

Hello, my name is mikisha and I'm in college to become a pharmacy technician and I want to tell you, thank you so much for creating this website. I love it. I'm really nervous about the pharmacy math. But, becoming a pharmacy tech is my dream career and I am going to work hard and succeed as a pharmacy techthank you so much.

- Mikisha

Thank you for making this site. I just signed up for the PTCB test in February, and I can tell I have lots of studying to do. But your site gives me a great way to organize what I need to work on. Thanks again.

- Jayne

Hello! I just wanted to take this time to Thank you so very much for this informative website. I stumbled across it as I was googling for some free information in regards to to the Pharmacy exam. I wanted to get a head start before the Spring semester starts and I'm so happy you made this because now I can go back and review and not only that I would be a few steps ahead of my class. I thank you for all that you do and please continue to keep up the amazing work that you've done. Because of you, you've made my life a just a tad bit easier when it comesto preparing for the exam. Thanks!

- Rose

Just a note of appreciation for this website...Takes away a lot of the unknowns while I am taking classes to prepare for national exam.... Thank you!

- Deb

This web site is AWESOME! I decided to get my certification to make a little extra money while in school (unrelated to anything in health). I started out knowing not a thing about what to do and stumbled upon your site. I'm just getting started in the math section, but it is a great review. My fiance is a nurse and he admitted that the site has helped him sharpen up hisskills. Thank you so much for the best Pharmacy Tech site out there!

- Sara

I passed the PTC exam. Just wanted you to know that your videos in math were a tremendous help. This type of math I hadn't used in forty plus years. You get an atta-boy from me.Many thanks, Al

- Alvin

Thanks so much for your website. I wrote the PTCB Exam and passed. Your website has been really helpful!!!

- Nana

I just wanted to say your site is by far the best. I am older and reentering the pharmacy tech field. So simple, so easy!BRAVO !!!

- Nancy

Thank you so much for the wonderful website. It had been 2 months since my class finished and I am not currently working in a pharmacy so I felt brain dead. I used the math tutorials a lot and numerous quizzes, as well as list of top 200 drugs, suffixes and schedule of drugs. I also reviewed my class notes and class quizzes and exams. Thanks to all of that, I passed my exam yesterday! I really don't think I would have been able to without your awesome website. Again, thank you.

- Debra

Yo dude, thanks for your free site!!! FREE is always good! I work in a hospital and they gave me some material, but I always use more then once source when studying I googled and came across your site thanks! anything other things you can pass along to help me study for exam is greatly appreciated.

- Paul

Hi, my name is Anthony I have been using your site for the last two weeks to study and I wanted to thank you for such a great site. This website is a HUGE reason why I passed my PTCB exam and I just wanted to thank you for having a site like this.

- Anthony

Hello, I am writing this email to saythank you for your help. I passed ptce today at first try. I really liked your web site. I did all your practice questions, and I think your questions are harder than real one. Well, thanks again for your hard work for every one;)

- Esther

Thank you SO much for providing this site. It has been more helpful than anything else for studying for the pharm tech test. You are a friggin sweetheart!

- Mindy

I just want to say thank you for building and maintaining this website. I crammed for two days before my test using this site as my base. I'm happy to say that I passed. And if I hadn't I would be out of a job. So I owe you a lot. Thanks again. :)

- Alicia

Your page is so helpful! I just wanted to send a thank you email!

- Meredith

Hey keith, I want to thank you for this website. I just took the PCTB today and passed! I love how you organized everything and the videos. Thank You again!!!!!

- Jerrin

Dear Keith, There are only a few times in my life that I have truly experienced "Pay it Forward". And, you surely have done that for me and many others. You are an amazing person ... I wish I could thank you personally. As I read, study and comprehend all of great information that you have worked so hard to provide, I just want to say... Thank You!!! I have 5 years of retail experience with state licensure. Your great website will get me to hospital with honors. Thank you sir!!!

ps. If someone truly wants to learn this profession, you have provided so much

- Kim

Thanks for posting this website Keith. I've been studying for the PTCB exam with a few workbooks that I received through my workplace, and they have been a great resource. I used your website to supplement my studies by taking practice quizzes and looking through the test strategies. You clearly spent a lot of quality time putting this information up on the website and on YouTube. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and techniques!

- Jennifer

HI ! First, I'm so glad I found your site and I want to say a BIG HUGE thank you to you! I had an aweful experience, and now that I have found this site, I am hoping to still pass the exam... I purchased a webcourse online that came with the 200 drug electronic flash cards. Well, for a couple days now you can't even pull up their site! and the phone rings twice thenhangs up on you! And, what's worse is I was almost through and ready to start practice testing... and now no one will answer emails either... so Praise God I found your site to help me finish what I started and I do not recommend their company at all if they should open back up! Thank You

- Lynn

Man... I just wanted to thank you for such a great site. You don't usually see something like this for free, so to have something this accessible is very appreciated. The voice recorder tip was a GREAT idea, doing it right now :). Thank you, so much

- Jake

Hey Keith, I came across your site a week ago and decided to become a pharmacy technician. I used this site as my only study method and I easily passed the test today. I just wanted to thank you for making things so clear and easy. This is a great site, keep up the good work!

- Blake

I don't think I'd have understood the math alligations, concentrations, and IV Calculations with out your help. Thanks a million! Pharmacy-Tech-Study.com is where I tell people to go for their information.

- John

I've worked in Pharmacy for 3 years now and trying to get back into my old job at the local hospital. They require the Cpht now and didn't when I used to work there. Just wanted to express thanks to you for putting time into this helpful website. I just started studying for the exam and your website will help me in the process.

- Drew

I stumbled on your website & it's very helpful. Thank you very much! I'm taking a course @ a vocational school & we are using PASSASSURED.

- Tracey

I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful site! The practice exams especially helped me when studying for the ExCPT. I got to practice without paying the ridiculous $25 they wanted for each of their "official" practice tests. I took my ExCPT Friday and got a 475/500! Thanks again!!

- Andrea

Just a short note to say thank you so much for this site which has been a blessing to me. I have just passed my PTCE and am now looking for practical experience.

- Nikee

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for this very helpful website! I passed the PTCB today and it was definitely due to this site. Thanks again!

- Stephanie

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for continuing this website and answering everyone's questions in the forum section. Everything helped a lot for the test and I passed on my first try =D.

- Michael

Thank you for putting together such a great site!!!! I worked as a tech for 11 years many moons ago. I never got certified as I am mathematically challenged. Now I am ready to kick a$$. You are the BEST! Thank you again.

- Sallie

Hi, my name is Michelle and i just took the PTCB exam today and passed. I mostly used your site as a study guide and found it very helpful especially the math related questions. Thank you!!!!

- Michelle

Dear Keith, thank you for creating this site! It's really helping me with my self-study as I prepare to take the PTCB exam. I researched other sites, but they were not as detailed as yours, especially with the math calculations, as math has always been a weak subject for me.

- Darcetha

I just want to say thank you so much for putting together this site. I took the class a few months ago and have been trying to figure out the best way to study. The class gave me so much information and I was struggling with the important vs. the fluff. This is a very helpful site. I really appreciate all your efforts. I will let you know how I do on my PTCB exam.

- Holly

Keith - Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for this site! It has helped a great number of people and you should be proud. The Facebook page is awesome as well. Helps keep all of us on our toes. Kudos to you, sir.

- Ron Aylor
Georgia Pharmacy Technician

I have been on your site quite a bit the last few days. Wish I would have found it earlier. I re-certify on Tuesday! I let it expire...dummy me!

- Shannon

I passed the PTCE today! Many thanks to you. Your website was a major help. I honestly don't know if I would have passed on my own. Thanks again for the outstanding service you provide.

- David

You saved my life!!! Just could not get the hang of some of the equations as explained in the PT text book. Your explanations were much simpler, and the videos let me see what I was reading. Thx!!!

- Jo Ann

Thank you so much for this site. It is very helpful. Please keep it going. :)

- Ashlea

I have been looking for a website that explains the pharm. tech stuff so i didnt have to buy a book. . Just wanted to say the web site is very well orgainized. . & thanks for all the free questions thinkin now that I have a chance on passing :-) & loved the utube video's that helped in explaining!!!!

- Heather

After ordering a 500 page book and using your site, in just 1.5 months of self study I have passed the PTCB exam. Your website was probably the result of that. Being basically the ultimate free study guide anyone could hope for. Just wanted to say thank you for putting the time and effort into making this extremely helpful site, and to thank you for saving me potentially hundreds of dollars on either classes (haha) or failed tests.

- Matthew

I must say that I love your website. I am from Alberta Canada and we have been told that we all need to go back to school and complete a series of bridging programs in order to keep our jobs as Pharmacy Technicians. I have given your website as reference to help my co workers to prepare for the PEBC exams that we are also required to write.

- Barb
facebook page moderator

Your website is awesome! I worked as a pharmacy technician back in the early 90's. After losing my job in finance last year, I decided to study for the PTCB exam so I could be a technician again. Certification wasn't required then. I am in a financial bind and was going to have to wait about purchasing study books from another site I saw online. I came across your site and I am excited to start studying tonight!

- Kevin

Thank you for all of the work you put into this website. I'm sure it was a "labor of love". I'm a 64 year old retired automotive liaison engineer, who decided I wasn't ready for the "Rocking Chair" yet. I'm currently finishing a 1 year Pharmacy Tech program @ a local Community College. With the help of your website I was able to complete & pass my PTCB exam last week. There are few people that I know, who would be willing to devote the time and effort that you have to help others, please know how much we appreciate your help.

- Dale

Your site is amazing. I took my exCPT and got a 470/500. All I really used is the info I learned in nursing school and your site. It is amazing. Thinking of taking the other pharm tech test now.

- Bryan

I used your website to study and I just passed my exam this evening! Without your help I definitely would not have passed. Thanks so much!!!

- Vanessa

Just wanted to say Thank You for this GREAT site. I completed a 9 month Pharm Tech course about 1 1/2 years ago but still haven't taken the PTCB exam yet, mainly because I have been a little unsure of myself. Your study site has helped so much in restoring my confidence. Thank you again.

- Robert

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