by Jamie
(St.John's Newfoundland, Canada)

Aerosol OT is used in veterinary medicine as a laxative. If 250g of AOT is dissolved in 1000ml of glycerin (density of glycerin is 1.25g/ml) the concentration of AOT in the solution is:

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Sep 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

because the density of glycerin is 1.25 you need to find how many grams are in 1000mL.
1000 mL x 1.25 g = 1250 g

next you need to add the 250 g of drug
1250 + 250 = 1500 g

so you have 250 g in 1500 g
250/1500 = 0.167

multiply by 100 for a percentage and you get 16.7% solution

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