Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion shortcut

by Doug
(Murray, Ut, United States)

So I just watched the video about "the easiest way to do this" and I think I came up with a much easier way of doing it.

Just take the :
F=(9/5)C +32 equation and convert it to
F= 2C + 32 - 1/5C That way you can do it pretty much in your head. so take 30C and what is that in F?

2 x 30 + 32 - 1/5 x 30
60 + 32 - 6 = 86

I think that way is easier but what do you guys think?

Reply (by Keith)
Thanks for presenting this. Indeed I do see that this is another way to remember how to convert between C and F. Some people will like this way better, while others will find it confusing. Either way, thanks for the contribution.

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Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion shortcut

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Mar 09, 2012
Farenheit to Celcius
by: Liza

to solve F to C..the easist way for me is F-32x5/9=C

Jan 28, 2012
Easy Temperature Conversion Formula
by: Anonymous

The easiest formula for me is: 9C = 5F - 160.

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